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Be SMART by HEART inspirational coaching with Oana Berdila

My mission is to challenge you to reinvent yourself. I show you how I participate in your transformation process.

With a successful entrepreneurial experience of over 25 years in various industries, a fulfilled mother, blessed with exceptional friends, I am passionate about people, their uniqueness and their potential.

My belief is that there is nothing that cannot be solved, and the result it depends on the reference system you are referring to and the choices you make. I love math and physics because they both taught me that every problem has at least one solution.

The huge challenge of each of us is ourselves. Therefore, the solutions to external problems become simple when you have solved the unknown major, MYSELF: who I am, what I want, what I can, what I want to be capable of, where I want to go and how I can get there, etc.

I am convinced that we are energy, we generate and receive energy according to the emotions we experience (subconsciously) and our thoughts (consciously). The quality of life depends on everyone’s ability to “engineer” this flow of energy.

Psycho-cybernetics defines an important reference system: self-image. If you want a fulfilled life, joy and success, choose to free yourself from limiting beliefs and conditionings and emotional blockages, choose to continually reinvent yourself, by creating a new self-image.

My method of working with you involves discovering the cause of the problem, the root of the blockage. Once you have created the “WOW!” moment, you clearly and easily understand the effects that have affected your life. I look inside you and I’m confident you have the answers. I “hunt” your deep, true, scary, frustrating, painful, real emotion, so that you can choose to get rid of it and thus you will change your life forever.

I am not your judge, I am your challenge to discover yourself from another perspective and in other dimensions. Relying on your imagination, I guide you to travel to places you did not know existed and in situations you did not think possible, because you deserve to exceed your limits. I enter your process of change and give everything for you to achieve your goals, your success is my goal.

The most precious thing in life is the freedom to choose. What gives me strength is the choice to be vulnerable. I say things that no one else will tell you. I’m not a “yes” person and I encourage mistakes as they are the most effective way to learn about yourself, with you.

I produce revelations, I do not deliver promises, and I create change, but only if you choose to work with determination for your metamorphosis.

My commitment to you involves honesty, experience, love, intuition, passion, energy and determination.

This is my pledge to you,

With confidence,

Oana Berdilă


BA, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Energy and Applied Informatics, “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University

EMBA, Romanian-American Business Institute ASEBUSS / University of Washington-Seattle

Executive Master in Business and Public Administration


Senior Coach & Mentor accredited by EMCC Global, EIA

Coaching Essence
Master Coach

NLP Explorer
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Marisa Peer, RTT
Rapid Transformational Clinical Therapist

Lifebook, Certified Leader Lifebook Premium – Life Coaching

Gerald Kein Omni Hypnosis Training Center

Advanced negotiation skills

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