NeuroSelfRewiring® - Choose to reinvent yourself!

Unlike traditional coaching that works only with the conscious mind, the method I offer combines techniques that synchronize both the conscious and the subconscious mind to create harmony between what you think / want and what you do / act.

Using the neuroplasticity of your brain, I combine a personal coaching method with the innovative power of subconscious reprogramming through hypnotherapy, so that you can quickly and permanently reinvent yourself, taking control of your life and fulfilling the destiny you want.

Combining various techniques such as coaching, hypnotherapy, awareness, visualization, manifestation and neuro-linguistic programming, create a customized transformation program to produce fast and permanent results in your life or in your business.

Sinapsă neuronală. Neurocoaching cu Oana Berdilă
What I do different?

The method NeuroSelfRewiring® treats the cause, not the effects!

Using the latest neuroscientific discoveries related to brain's neuroplasticity , the NeuroSelfRewiring method uses the innovative form of RTT rapid transformational hypnotherapy in combination with coaching to treat the root cause of a blockage, so that once located and eliminated, the effects of this blockage become only a memory and disappear by itself.

During a single online session of about 2 hours, discover the reasons behind your problem, locate the subconscious program on which it acts and eliminate it subconsciously by understanding where, how, when and why it was installed, what it generates a strong emotional release, you are released from that fear and pain, most likely forever.

Now you are ready to install a beneficial subconscious program that supports your principles and values ​​that define your new self-image, your conscious choice for what you want to be today.

Using the NeuroSelfRewiring® method you can stop unhealthy thinking habits installed on the subconscious level and whose effects made you tired, have consumed you too much time and you want to eliminate them. You can do this by choosing to install a new system of beliefs, principles and values consciously chosen by you which you can permanently integrate into the subconscious through a conscious and determined process of repetition, so that you can enjoy the life you want.

You can reinvent yourself by consciously defining the new self-image you want and you can implement it by choosing to repeatedly install a new belief system, synchronized consciously and subconsciously, so that one day you realize that the dream it is your new reality, effortless, natural, as if you are on autopilot: you feel fulfilled, healthy, happy and live in abundance.

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You are ready for change

You are a successful man and you want to challenge yourself even more, you want to explore other dimensions than the ones you have already discovered and conquered.

You are a person who is tired of reacting in the same way every time in a certain situation without understanding the root cause and you are exasperated that you do not find a practical solution for long-term change. You want to stop the suffering, the pain, the frustration, the anger, you choose to get out of this negative spiral that blocks you from creating the life you want, the success you know you deserve.

Self-confidence, self esteem and self-worth, money-related blockages, relationships, procrastination, anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, addictions, depression, compulsive obsessions, loneliness, insomnia, etc. are just some of the challenges you can completely and permanently transform.

The real question is: Do you choose to reinvent yourself?

Customers experience results such as:
  • A significant improvement in self-confidence and self-esteem;
  • More energy, dynamism and enthusiasm in everyday life;
  • New business opportunities, increasing financial independence;
  • Clarification of the personal mission and redefinition of objectives on each life sector, with an impact in the preparation of the daily list of actions ordered by priorities;
  • Reprioritizing the daily action plan, increasing performance at work and redirecting energy to favourite personal activities;
  • Improving both the couple’s relationship and the relationship at work;
  • Elimination of panic attacks caused by anxiety: fear of failure, fear of flying, fear of height, fear of driving, fear of success, etc.;
  • Relieving depression and emotional pain;
  • Improving sleep, relieving insomnia;
  • Anger management;
  • Increasing memory and exam preparation;
  • Improving public speaking skills;
  • Quitting addictions: alcohol, drugs, shopping, smoking, compulsive eating, etc.;
  • Improving health by eliminating thoughts and emotions that generate disease.
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How it works? The 4 steps: RRRR

Step 1: Neuronal Remodelling = Neuro Rewiring
  • The first step to permanently eliminate the behavior you want to get rid of is to locate, eliminate and subconsciously clean the blockage, belief or limiting conditioning that generated the toxic subconscious program based on which you act on autopilot in a certain context. Using an innovative method called Rapid Transformation Therapy, RTT, we get to the root of the cause that created the harmful subconscious program and reprogram the subconscious by installing an updated and beneficial program, using new words and images that will generate different activation and reconnection of your neuronal networks so that you can think, feel and act differently. You fire differently the same neurons so your brain creates new neural synapses, and through repetition you install a high-performance and beneficial subconscious program.

Step 2: Redefining the self-image = Self

  • The second step is to use your conscious mind, the most creative part of your brain to redefine the self-image you want to install starting from who you are, what you want and what you want to become. You define your new system of beliefs and values that you choose to load into the subconscious program, through daily repetition. This means training your conscious mind to direct all your attention and energy to activities and things that repeatedly support the installation of the new habit of subconscious thinking, avoiding and eliminating old behaviour that you no longer want in your life. This stage involves coaching through concrete techniques that keep you attentive, determined and motivated to act in the right direction.

Step 3: Repeat

  • The third step is to deliberately support your desire to reinvent yourself through massive action, aligned with your purpose. But not just any action, but a conscious and consistent one, which pushes you beyond your comfort zone, so that through repetition you convince your subconscious mind that this is what you really want. The learning process involves repetition, repetition and repetition. In the first days you find it difficult, the effort to do something new, which you do not like, is huge. The truth is that only through this concerted effort, through this concentrated and sustained action you can activate/fire your neurons to create new neuronal synapses. And after a week of rehearsal you realize that it is no longer so difficult for you to act, the subconscious mind is already familiar with your new behaviour, no longer no longer offers resistance, until one day, about the 30th day, you are surprised that you already act automatically, without thinking about it and without any effort. Now you have the certainty that you have definitively and permanently installed your new subconscious program.

Step 4: Recognition

  • The fourth and final step is to recognize every bit of progress and reward yourself for every little victory gained during your transformation process. Your subconscious mind is programmed to do only the things that bring you pleasure and to refuse, to resist, even to eliminate everything that is unfamiliar to you, everything that creates emotional pain. So it is vital and essential to recognize gradual progress and celebrate whether it is a small success or a great one, especially in the first days when everything you do involves effort and attention to all the actions that will generate the installation of the new subconscious program. Once the behaviour is installed, reward yourself whenever you realize that you have become what you wanted to be to keep you attentive and determined to continue the reinvention process.

Is NeuroSelfRewiring® suitable for teams and organizations?

NeuroSelfRewiring® is a solution for both formats: individually or in groups. Whether they are small teams or even if we are talking about an entire organization, the process of change is done “from the inside out”. Teamwork involves harmonizing common, group goals with the individual goals of each member.

Team work sessions can be conducted to detect team blockages and challenges and implement change that will have a strong impact on the performance and well-being of its members, the organization and the community.

Sinergia grupului_work team cu Oana Berdilă

What is your investment for reinvention?

Choose to upgrade your life!

For more information about products and prices, please choose one of the options below and apply to schedule a free 20-minute call discovery in which we can determine exactly if the chosen product suits you best, both in terms of your needs as well as from a financial perspective.

Choose to free yourself

Libertatea pe care ți-o dorești la finalul unei singure sesiuni unu-la-unu.

Fie că alegi o sesiune de coaching de 60 min, fie optezi pentru o sesiune RTT de transformare rapidă de 90-120 min, acestea se desfășoară online, în siguranța și confortul casei tale.

O sesiune online RTT implică descoperirea cauzei problemei, eliminarea programului subconștient generator de blocaj și instalarea unor noi credințe și convingeri benefice. Creez o înregistrare audio personalizată ție pe care o asculți în fiecare seară înainte de culcare pentru minimum 30 de zile pentru crearea unor noi sinapse neuronale ce stabilizează instalarea noului program subconștient ales de ține. În cele 30 de zile ai tot suportul meu, solicitat pe e-mail sau în mesaje scrise, precum și două follow-up-uri telefonice de 15 min. în ziua 7 și în ziua 14.

Choose to reinvent yourself

Eșți în căutarea unei experiențe de transformare rapidă și ești determinat să acționezi pentru rezultate măsurabile concrete: atunci acest program este soluția pentru ține.

Programul online de reinventare implică atât sesiuni RTT cât și sesiuni de coaching pentru ca în doar 100 zile să descoperi noua imagine de sine pe care ți-o dorești și s-o permanentizezi prin eliminarea blocajelor și instalarea unui program subconștient benefic care să te transforme rapid în persoana de succes care vrei să fii.

Programul include:

2 x sesiune RTT ( 90-120 min fiecare)

2 x înregistrări audio personalizate

3 x sesiune coaching ( 60 min fiecare)

Resurse adiționale & training

Suport telefonic & Email

Choose corporate

Procesul de schimbare organizatoric se face “dinăuntru spre înafară”. Lucrul în echipă presupune armonizarea obiectivelor comune, de grup, cu obiectivele individuale ale fiecărui membru. Se pot realiza sesiuni de lucru în echipă pentru a depista blocajele și provocările echipei și a implementa schimbarea care va genera un impact puternic în performanță și starea de bine a membrilor ei, și a organizației.

Personalizat pentru a acoperi nevoi precum: schimbare organizatorică, atingere obiective, creștere vânzări, performanță, încredere în sine, abilități delegare, creativitate, lucrul în echipa, sincronizare interdepartamentala, etc.

Provocări individuale ale membrilor echipei/organizației: stres, gestionarea furiei, surmenaj, insomnii, depresie, anxietate, vorbitul în public, relaționare, memorie și concentrare, comunicare, eficientă, leadership, etc.