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Fear of flight/planes, fear of heights, chronic depression, anxiety, severe panic attacks

“I was lucky enough to have Oana in my life at the critical moment. Without her, I have no idea what the situation was today, nor do I want to think about it.

Chronic depression, generalized anxiety and severe panic attacks, in just a few words my life could be described at that point. I was at a time when I was suffering from severe panic attacks, about 6 a day, totally blocked and paralyzed. There is NO rescue.

And then, Oana appeared in my life, whom I can’t thank enough for what happened next.

I set up a day with her, bought a webcam and felt fear. He told me that a maximum of 3 RTT sessions are needed to solve the problems.

With much anxiety in my soul, I tried to prepare for what was to come; panic attacks regarding hypnosis and “classic” thoughts about “it won’t work anyway, it will probably be even worse after that”. I started the online session, everything lasted about an hour and a half. I had a panic attack during the session, but Oana did not let me fall into the vicious circle, she helped me get over it quickly. There were a few attempts to go deep into the subconscious, it didn’t work for me at first. Likewise, Oana took care of me, she didn’t give up but I didn’t feel forced either.

In the end, we got to the real starting point. Succeeded! She slowly began to dig, deeper and deeper, until she reached an area … personal. At that moment, the movie broke. She helped me destroy the barrier, she managed to destroy any defense system I had in place. I cried for 30 minutes an hour, I couldn’t stop. The first 20 nerves of fear. The last 10 were simply fortunate that I felt I had solved it. I felt like everything after the session would be different. After the session, I listened for 21 days to a recording made by Oana, twice a day.

You don’t lose control, you’re not in danger, you can open your eyes if you feel that. Everything is discussed with Oana and there are no problems you think about before hypnosis.

The next day, not only was I able, but I WANTED to go in the crowd, to take the elevator, to socialize … after a long period of panic attacks generated ONLY by the thought that I could be put in such a situation.

Almost a year has passed since that RTT session. I had only one panic attack, which was not severe.

I don’t have enough words to describe what breakthrough I achieved through the session and what Oana meant to me. A real angel. ”


Self Confidence

“Oana took me to the RTT session, to moments of childhood with a major impact on my adult life, which she then knew how to help me transform. At the end of the session, the unexpected surprise was that my shoulder and neck pain with which I have been facing each other for more than a year, they have almost disappeared, and I felt liberated and confident, another man, my image of me is changing, and my confidence is growing day by day, as I listen to the recording I received.

I can compare with the advice given so far with psychologists with various work techniques. It is really a much more effective and infinitely faster method! What you solve maybe in years or not solve at all in other therapies, here you solve in 21 days On one condition: to be able to indulge in hypnosis. ”


Self Esteem

“I had heard about RTT, I had watched some of Marisa Peer’s online videos, but I hadn’t actually experienced what an RTT session means and I was very curious, so I decided to give it a try. In addition, due to the nature of my profession, Doctor psychiatrist and psychologist, I’m always looking for things that can help people. I have to admit that I had high expectations, but I really didn’t think those expectations would be exceeded so much. Oana has a gift in helping people even when they do not realize by themselves the things they really need. She is so kind, calm, patient, encouraging, full of light and love that you feel totally safe to let yourself be led in the most transformative process with yourself. During the meeting, although I always felt in control, with the help of her transformative and wise words, I felt that I had come to the surface and I was able to understand and free myself from the things that hinder me. they have to live in accordance with my true self. Now I feel that I have lifted a great weight from my heart and that I am ready to live my life in constant search of the fulfilment of my full potential. As many people as possible should know that RTT meetings are completely safe, being a great way to change the negative beliefs that are rooted inside them and that Oana is the most suitable person to guide them on this journey! I was also surprised by the extraordinary effectiveness and speed of this method, given that, working at the subconscious level, RTT can solve in one session problems that often require numerous psychotherapy sessions that only reach the level of consciousness. I wholeheartedly recommend her and I don’t have enough words to express how much I thank her for helping me give up the limiting beliefs that held me back! “


Revelatie__Neurocoaching cu Oana Berdilă

“When I discovered my health problem, I thought that the rest of my life would only mean doctors, care, treatments … certainly nothing would be the same as before. Now I don’t see this as a problem. The lipoma accidentally discovered somewhere in my brain became my “guest.” And I know very well that any guest that comes, will also leave. Now I’m fine! That’s how I feel, I feel so good in my skin and I love myself so much! And that .. .thanks to the therapy I started with Oana, I was able to find answers to many questions, questions I didn’t even know existed in my depths. That’s how I healed. Now I know that my health depends on me, how I look at the world around me. Healing does not just mean treatments, doctors and medicines, healing means self-reconciliation! “


Alcoholism, chronic depression, anxiety, severe panic attacks

“Until February 2020, I was an alcoholic for many years, in the sense that not a day went by without drinking alcohol. I started drinking terribly in bars and parties when I was a teenager and then in college. I thought I was cool, I liked to put the boys under the table and I was proud of this "talent". I was looking for every opportunity to go out for a drink. After a few years, I didn't have to go out because I drank alone at home. The only downside was the lack of money, never another. I drank alcohol under any pretext and without any occasion: if it's cold outside, it goes a strong drink; if it's hot outside, be sure to drink beer; wine is a food recommended by the doctor, etc. For several years, I drank alcohol on weekends and holidays from morning to evening.

When I was exaggerating, on weekends with friends, I started having horrible bile crises. Do you think I thought about stopping drinking? No way, I was making plans to destroy my liver. However, I slowly began to worry. I had gained a lot of weight, I was hangover almost every morning, I had panic attacks every day, and every day I had a lump in my throat, palpitations and depression. At work, I couldn't give the performance I knew I was capable of because I was always tired and very easily annoyed. In addition, I did not do any physical activity, every night I laid in the armchair on TV with a glass of whiskey, vodka, wine in hand. My social life had become almost non-existent because I avoided drinking too much in public, so I avoided going out. Everything had lost its meaning. That life was not a life anymore and I felt I had to do something. I struggled with addiction for almost 2 years. Every morning I promised myself that I wouldn't drink anything that day, but I forgot everything until I got home. Seeing that just the will is not enough, I went to the psychiatrist where I received drug treatment. I took it. I don't advise anyone to do that, I was almost a vegetable. After a month, I consulted with a psychologist friend who told me to stop treatment immediately, those drugs destroy the liver worse than alcohol. As I stopped the pills, I started drinking again, so the one-month break didn't help.

At this point, I thought that psychotherapy could save me. I started looking for offices and clinics on the Internet. I was willing to spend money and time (it takes a long time to succeed in psychotherapy) to get rid of the terrible addiction that destroyed my body and life. From what I was told, the therapy would have lasted at least 6 months with 2-4 sessions per month, a session costing 150-200 lei. Coincidentally, while I was looking, a very close friend who knew about my problem called me. She advised me to contact Oana and see what it was all about.

I called Oana, she explained to me in detail what the RTT rapid transformational therapy consists of. It seemed very interesting. She told me that we would solve the problem in one meeting and, only if the trauma is very deep, maybe we will have the second one, which surprised me, but it made me even more interested. I made a quick calculation: no pills, no side effects, no many sessions and time consumption, and, in the end, the total costs for other methods exceeded the cost of the RTT30 therapy proposed by Oana. I decided that I had nothing to lose if I tried the miracle therapy that has results after a single session.

My meeting with Oana was a memorable and "life changing" one. Not only was Oana not exaggerating, but it was much more than that. In that meeting I learned so many things about myself that I would not have discovered until the end of my life. I dug up memories, sensations, feelings, deep emotions that were well locked and I would never have known about them. Those memories, sensations, feelings and feelings that made me rush to the very string drinks every day of life. No treatment or therapy would get them out of there, and my alcohol problem would continue to exist until the end. Not healing the cause, my only chance would have been to always abstain, which would have meant permanent torment. At the end of the session, I felt liberated and full of energy, both physically and mentally. I could not describe in words. That's all: I couldn't talk to anyone that night and the next day. I haven't felt the need to drink alcohol since that night,

It's been 8 months since then and my life has changed radically for the better. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, and in another 2 days I run or do aerobics at home. While I was in the pandemic, I did sports at home for 30-60 minutes every day, aerobics and muscle toning. I was promoted to a higher position and I was assigned a complicated project that requires a lot of attention, creativity, experience and working with people. I'm doing great. I have not had any panic attacks, I am energetic, full of vitality from the first hour of the morning until close to bedtime. We resumed going out with friends, although now we have other barriers that limit us (Covid). And one very important thing: I can drink a glass of wine or a small beer when I CHOOSE to do so. I don't have to be abstinent because it's not necessary. Everything has taken its place in my mind and I don't need to refrain from anything, it comes naturally.

Oana Berdilă changed or, better said, saved my life. It doesn't compare to any other kind of help. It was a revelation, a blessing. If you have challenges of the nature of my problem (not necessarily with alcohol, maybe other addictions, anxieties, depressions, etc.) that do not allow you to live your life beautifully and harmoniously, do not hesitate to turn to Oana. The results are immediate and surprising. "