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The human mind and the functioning of the brain are the subject of a special category of science, generically called neuroscience.. Of these, the most important are neurobiology, psychobiology, neuropsychology, psychophysiology and other relatively new sciences.

More recently, the subdomain of cognitive neuroscience is developing, which aims to integrate cognitive psychology with psychophysiology or psychobiology. And the scientific world agrees that we are talking, in fact, about a field that lends itself to an interdisciplinary approach, the pathology of the nervous system being combined with cognitive psychology, neuroevolutionism or genetics.

Basically, the main goal that is pursued through neuroscience is to thoroughly understand how the brain, mind, cognitive processes, subconscious mind, etc. work. Once these mysteries are solved, scientists believe that it will become much easier to understand and solve neuronal and cerebral disorders. That is why it is an extremely exciting field from a scientific point of view and which poses great challenges to researchers due to the difficulty involved in creating the right technologies and devices.

The task of neuroscience is to explain behaviour in terms of brain activity. How can the brain organize its millions of neurons to produce behaviour, and how are these cells influenced by the environment…? The last frontier of biology – the last attempt – is to understand the biological basis of consciousness and the mental processes by which we perceive, act, learn and read. ”.” — Eric Kandel, Principles of the Science of the Nervous System, 4th Edition. 4.

The human brain is a fantastic organ, capable of amazing changes in its organization as a result of learning and experience. This extraordinary property is called neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change structurally and physiologically by forming, changing and eliminating neural synapses as a result of specific factors such as the living environment, behaviour or neural processes. During these changes, the brain engages in synaptic elimination, erasing neural connections that are no longer useful, while forming new necessary neural synapses or even strengthening existing ones, with a vital role throughout life.

"Neurons which fire together, wire together" said Donald Hebb, a neuropsychologist who, since 1949, has been explaining how to build and perpetuate neural synapses in the process of repetitive learning.

The cells of our brain communicate with each other through synaptic transmissions: a nerve cell chemically releases a neurotransmitter that another nerve cell absorbs. This communication process is known as “neural activation”. Neurons that exchange neurotransmitters frequently strengthen the connection between them, stabilizing communication between them through strong neuronal synapses.

This means that as you drive a neural circuit by repetitively doing the same action, the stronger the connection between neurons, so implicitly the constantly activated neural network becomes strong and permanent.

Every cell in our body has a negative polarity on the inside and a positive one on the outside. So each living cell is a small battery, with no more than 0.07 volts. Tiny, you might think, but in the context where there are 50 trillion cells in your body, right now you realize that you are an energy bomb of 3.5 trillion volts. So much electricity that people can go into self-combustion, according to the research of the famous doctor professor Bruce Lipton, one of the greatest contemporary biologists, specialized in epigenetics.

Remember this the next time you complain that you are tired and lacking in energy! And ask yourself if you continue to hold those negative thoughts and emotions, which you run obsessively, generating negative impulses that gradually “cancel” 3.5 trillion volts, the result being that you feel exhausted, weak.

We are pure energy and through learning and meditation we can control this so-called Chi to use it for self-healing. Placebo is actually the doctor inside us. And mind control is the key to our health, as Dr. Joe Dispenza demonstrates in his book, "You are the Placebo". Any toxic thought turns into a negative impulse that is taken over by our subconscious as a painful emotion , thus infecting the entire network of cells in our body. Any “tear” that does not find its expression, makes an organ to fail.

There are 50 trillion cells in your body and each cell has a mini-brain and communicates with all the others through an intelligence network called the subconscious, driven by the central nervous system, our control panel made up of cells called neurons in the brain. , the so-called subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind can process 40 million nerve impulses every second. It’s incredibly fast and it’s fully automatic. That is, it repeats without interruption exactly what it has been taught to do, it is our autopilot and it runs on the basis of the subconscious programs that we have installed.

In contrast, the conscious mind can process about 40 bits of information per second, it’s slow, but it’s creative. It does not work on recordings and automatisms, but is spontaneous, reflected by our conscious thoughts recorded in the prefrontal cortex.

Most of our lives are driven by our subconscious, the largest processor in our body, at a speed we cannot realize. That is, we are in hypnosis about 95% of a day, being actually aware only 5% of our time.

Why is it relevant? Because if you are determined to produce a conscious change, analysing and processing with the conscious mind your transformation, the result will be almost zero. A moment of “inattention” is enough in your consciousness and you realize that you haven’t actually changed anything, that you have returned exactly where you left off, only that you are even more frustrated than you were at the beginning of the change process imposed by will and conviction.

This is why conscious transformation, through the usual therapies of psychological behavioural awareness are limited in achievements, are long-lasting and often do not give permanent long-term results, because they treat the effects and not the cause.

“The conscious mind is creative, the subconscious mind is a tape recorder running on the same previously installed programs” – Dr. Prof. Bruce Lipton

If you want to make a change, use your ultra-fast processor, your subconscious mind, to generate a permanent and automatic transformation. Eliminate the infected or outdated program and install a new program that is in line with your conscious thoughts and your new self-image that you want, flexibly adapted to the current environment.

The distinctive method invented by Marisa Peer, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a unique, pioneering therapy, based on neuroscience, which combines the most beneficial principles of hypnosis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), psychotherapy and CBT – Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.

RTT produces extraordinary results and causes changes with permanent effect on an emotional, psychological and physical level because it addresses the subconscious, supporting transformation through conscious actions.

In general, an online RTT session is enough to solve a challenge. There are situations in which, depending on the complexity of the challenge, the client also needs the 2nd or maximum 3rd RTT session to detect the subconscious root cause of a limiting belief, a blockage or an unwanted behaviour.

During an RTT session:

  • Find out the root cause, the reason why your problem settled.
  • Reveal the limiting beliefs that kept you stuck.
  • Change the meaning given to the events of your past so that you can free yourself and become a free person.
  • You regain your inner voice, strength and sense of self-worth and self-respect.
  • You reconnect to the extraordinary self-confidence with which you were born.
  • You impel certain neurons to create new neuronal synapses that believe in your success and thus act automatically to fulfil your desired destiny.
  • You experience a fast, permanent and beneficial transformation.

Hypnosis is defined as a state of deep relaxation, a state of deepening in your inner self, in which your subconscious mind is alert, attentive to take suggestions. Hypnosis is natural, safe and relaxing. Scientifically proven, in a state of hypnosis you are able to take more suggestions than you do consciously / rationally, the subconscious mind being able to process about 40 million nerve impulses every second in which the conscious develops a speed of only 40 pulses in the same second.

As long as you are in a hypnotic trance, the conscious mind remains active and in complete control, being in an observer status. Do not fall asleep, do nothing against your will, you are in total self-control, including not disclosing anything you do not want to share. What matters during the session is to understand what emotion you installed, not how it was installed, and whether you want and choose to get rid of it or not.

Whether you are in an easy state of relaxation or a deep trance of inner self-knowledge and no matter how you feel during the session, your subconscious has all the answers related to the root, the cause of the problem you want to eliminate.

In a state of hypnosis you will be guided to 3-4 scenes from your past, childhood memories or a date before the session, in order to identify the emotional cause that generates the challenge for which you request therapy.

We work together to understand the cause that created the limiting belief or blockage that generates the behaviour you want to improve / eliminate. Once the cause is detected and the understanding is installed in the subconscious, the process of eliminating the belief-problem is entered and another belief / belief is installed that benefits you.

Hypnosis by itself is not a guarantee of the success of an Rapid Transformational session. It is recommended to be open in detecting the problem and motivated to want change both during the therapy session and later, in daily life.

At the end of the session you receive an audio recording created and customized for you.

It is crucial that the 20-30 minute transformational recording in received audio format be listened to for at least 28-30 days, at least once a day, because the subconscious mind learns through repetition. It is ideal to listen to it with headphones. It is scientifically proven that it takes at least 21 consecutive days to remove an old habit and install a new one.

Obviously you can listen to the recording several times a day and even after the 30 days, the choice being at your discretion.

The recommended time of day to listen to the recording is when you are in bed, before bed and / or the first time in the morning, after waking up.

But you can listen to it at any time when you sit relaxed on a chair / bed except in situations when you drive or perform any operation / process that requires maximum attention.

It is essential that in a conscious / rational state, you repeat daily, like a “broken mill”, the keywords mentioned in the audio recording and to implement decisively and assumed the daily actions that create habitual mechanisms, conditioned reflexes.

By acting firmly and responsibly, sustained and determined both consciously and subconsciously, you can synchronize what you think / want with what you do / act and thus install a beneficial program, in accordance with the new desired self-image.

Absolute. All clients benefit from a confidentiality clause, in accordance with ethical and professional codes. All data and materials are protected and secured and will not be disclosed except with the consent of the Client, except in situations where the competent institutions request this based on legal rules. Any inactive file after 3 years since the last meeting is destroyed, just to ensure total privacy.

The result of an RTT program takes effect in one of the following variants.

1. Immediately – you can experience the change right after the end of the session or on the same day / week.

2. Subtle / cumulative – the change occurs gradually, naturally and delicately in the next period.

3. Retroactive – the change occurs over time and can only be recognized when you are challenged to look back in time, and list the changes made after the session to make progress.

It is essential to have confidence in the process and to be patient with yourself and not to demotivate yourself if you do not notice immediate results.

People are unique and therefore the speed of information processing differs from case to case.

It is very important to remain positive and confident in your transformation, to be part of the process by endlessly repeating in the daily routine the words and images that create a beneficial emotion, of pleasure, for the subconscious to permanently install a new belief, this time beneficial. which becomes familiar to him.

The information, techniques, methods, recommendations made by the therapist will not replace / eliminate in any way the diagnosis / medication / indications and treatment recommended by the attending physician or specialist.

Under no circumstances during the RTT transformation process will you modify or stop the medication prescribed by the specialist. If your health improves, only the doctor can decide the drug treatment necessary for the phase you are in.






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